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The importance of a positive student experience is the driving force that Walk2Class owners, Chuck Kiven & Randy Selig, thrive on. In a market where living space is typically considered just a place to sleep and study, Walk2Class is setting a new bar for student expectations.

Life in college happens to offer a lot of firsts. One of the big firsts is an apartment, and we believe that apartments play a defining role in a student’s life. They are extensions of character. They are personality drivers and developers. They are community bases and celebration centers.

Backed by over 60 years of extensive real estate and successful business experience, Chuck & Randy set out to offer students the best possible housing locations – all of which are within walking distance to class.

“IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THIS…we love our local educators. We have great relationships with our communities. Because of that we really want our students to love where they live,” says Randy. Chuck laughs, “Exactly. That’s why we want you so close to the action.”